Why I’ll never regret kicking Fuck For Forest of the Slutwalk

In 2011 I was part of the Slutwalk Berlin Prepteam and the official person leading the walk, thus contact to the police. In this postion I got into an argument with some people of Fuck For Forest. There had been complaints by several people of the prepteam. Fuck For Forest had been handing out flyers and had a poster advertising their organisation, but as a prepteam we had ruled out any advertising on the walk.
This desicion was my motivation in asking Fuck For Forest to either leave or take down their sign and to participate as individuals.
Nevertheless I felt bad for quite a while for having treated them so harshly. I had not known about Fuck For Forest when I encountered them and afterwards felt I might have been mistaken in banning their posters. After all they were sex-positiv and cared for the environment. Though I must emphasize that sex-positivity, though important to us, was never our main subject in the 2011 Berlin Slutwalk (2012 might be a completely different case). We had always aimed to put rape culture into the focus. But eventhough I felt I might have been wrong in how I acted against Fuck For Forest, there was never an apology issued. (And right now I am quite glad about it.)
In 2012 I was approached by a production company working on a documentary on Fuck For Forest and asked to permission to use video material of my interaction with them on the Slutwalk Berlin. I permitted it which is why I was invited to attend the movies premiere last night.
Though the movie was interesting in some aspects there have been several points in which it has made me believe that Fuck For Forest might be lovers of sex and nature, but not necessarily of equality and feminism.
There are two scenes which have made me swallow.
In one scene a female member of FFF is shown after she left a shooting (which must have been sexual) prematurely, claiming that she just couldn’t do it with ‘them’. A male character called Dany follows her and accuses her of being unstable (though the subtitles use “unzuverlässig”/unreliable). So there is basically a woman, not wanting to have sex with some strangers, because she feels uncomfortable about it and is therefore accused of being unstable (pretty close to “hysteric”, which I hate and which puts women down as purely emotional, non-rational human beings) and unreliable. It is made clear, that he doesn’t care about her feelings and that she needs to legitimize her desicion. Obvious rape culture to me.
The other scene I found sickening when the female companion of group leader Tommy is introduced. The narrator tells the audience, that she wanted to fly back to India, but was kidnapped by Tommy and *then* convinced to not go back. (Yes, they used the word kidnapped). Well, clearly they couldn’t rely on just convincing her *before* she wanted to leave, so she could make up her own mind. Why, you ask? Because women don’t get to have a will of their own, duh.
The movie goes on with them flying to South America to offer a tribe money so they could buy the land they are living and depending on (which the tribe refused) and they quite raceisty called them ‘Indians’ repeatedly. And well, I wouldn’t know what to call them either, but if I intended on going there I would try to find out so I wouldn’t offend anyone.

My evening concluded with the intention to go to the aftershow party of the movie, which was hosted by the KitKat Club. I had heard about the KitKat of course (sex!), but I was sure they wouldn’t sex up this party to much. After all the audience at the movie premiere at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg was mostly your average hipster-student. But alas, I never made it into the club, because at the door it was made clear to me, that I wouldn’t get in unless my male friend and I were willing to take of our tops. Me pointing out that I just wanted to go to the movie’s aftershow party got me the reply that this was a sex club and the Fuck For Forest movie porn.
Well, I hadn’t noticed.
But I don’t think that a group that thinks it’s okay that I need to show my boobs to take further interest in them, that their female members shouldn’t decide when to have sex and who with and that kidnaps women ‘for their own best’ should ever attend a Slutwalk.
Never fucking-ever.